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My name is Venus Satanas and I have worked in Satan's service since 2004, educating others about independent Satanism. This website showcases my projects both offline and online, gathered into one place.

I discovered Satanism back in 1992, and did a ritual to consecrate my pact with Satan that same year. Satanism has brought many benefits to my life, and it is an honor to be able to help others to discover the incredible power of Satan and Satanism.

Venus Satanas at Youtube

My YouTube Channel

In 2007, I launched a YouTube Channel that soon became popular...

My YouTube channel is focused on education for Satanists, witches and occultists. Currently, I am the most subscribed to Satanist on Youtube! Come learn about Satanism, magic and the occult along with over 12,000 fans and friends.

Satanic Altar

My SpiritualSatanist Website

Founded in 2004, it is where I host my educational materials on Satanism.

Thousands of people per day visit and learn from my work. If you are interested in becoming a Satanist or you want to further your education in Satanism, from a spiritual perspective, then visit my website.


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Youtube Channel

Read about my YouTube Channel, subscribe, and see the latest videos here! Videos on Satanism, magic and the occult.

Left Hand Path Books Blog

Read about my book review project, Left Hand Path Books. Orignally founded in 2010 this site reviews the latest and best books on Satanism, Books on Spiritual Satanism, Books on Satanic Magic, Books on Luciferian worship, and more!

Spiritual Satanist Website

Read about my website, Founded in 2004, it has evolved over the years, helping others to learn about the path of independent Spiritual Satanism, magic and demonology.

Spiritual Satanist Blog

The Spiritual Satanist Blog covers issues relating to Satanic social activism and it also serves as a place to answer questions about Satanism from the Satanic Community.

HubPages Articles

A various listing of entertaining articles about Satanism, occult and magic. A fun diversion.

Interviews with Venus Satanas

Read about the many interviews I have done over the years with others involved in the occult and Satanism.

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