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In 2010 I started cataloging some of the best books in Satanism and the occult. This year, my site expanded to its own domain with book reviews. It's nice to have a place to go to where you can read an actual review of a Satanism or occult book.

Left Hand Path Books covers reviews on Satanism Books, Books on Luciferian magic and religion, Books on Satanic Witchcraft and Magic, and books on the occult. The focus is on Satanism and the left hand path. I try to find the best and most relevant books available for you to discover.

LHP Books Contests!

I also run contests on Left Hand Path Books, so there is an opportunity for you to win a prize. The next contest is scheduled for October. The last contest I held was so much fun! And I got to share a wonderful book on Satanism with a reader of my blog.

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